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A real-time deep visualization, security and intelligence platform that reveals your cyber world to you.

Xorus – a unified correlative neurological platform working alongside your digital network as a collective force empowering you with

Digital Dashboard – Deep neurological visualizations and understanding of your digital presence in the cyber space.

Data & Business Performance – Data flow is the blood flow of your business. Simply observe and understand conversationally the digital flow of your business data internally and externally from various end points.

Cyber Security – Proactively detects your cyber risks at multiple levels and take action to protect and cover your business from business and financial damages.

Behavioral AnalyticsInstantly understand your organization’s cyber data, users and entities digital behavioral patterns and anomalies.

Assets & Entities – Understand the classification, utilization, behavior and operations of your digital assets in real time.

Bandwidth & Traffic – Monitor usage and performance of your communication links to optimize and lower costs.

Integrations – Benefit from AI/ML driven deep analytics, pattern recognition and enhanced correlations through APIs and integration with third-party logs.

How Xorus Works

On - Premise


Quick Deploy





High ROI




SaaS / PaaS

XORUS design makes it
easy for:

  • Mangement Teams
  • IT Teams
  • Security Teams

to gain meaningful visibility, understanding, security, intelligence and ROI from  your cyber presence.

XORUS APIs support integration with:

  • Third-party solutions.
  • Internal tools
  • Open Source systems

for collective visualisation, combined analytics, and cross-functional usage in DevSecOps.

XORUS architecture is:

  • Configurable
  • Extensible
  • Customisable
  • AI & ML driven
  • Supports on-premise & cloud-based deployments

to suit your business and IT environments.

Salient Features

  • Gain complete Neurologic visibility, understanding and control of users, assets, data and traffic in your digital network.
  • Automatically monitor threats, anomalies, risks and patterns concerning your security in the network and end points.
  • Simply switch on autopilot mechanism for analysis, correlation and understanding of users and entities behaviour in your digital network.
  • Benefit from Xorus intelligence and be carefully advised on new and emerging patterns concerning performance, usage, risks, bandwidth and traffic.
  • Automatically benchmark, index and score your cyber status based on activities.
  • Take advantage of Deep Analytics (AI/ML), enhanced correlations through APIs and integration with third party logs to maximise security.

The great many other things Xorus can do for you

End point Detection and Response – Host Intrusion detection, File Integrity Monitoring, Network Intrusion detection and prevention.

Network Traffic Analysis – For detection of threats and anomalies.
Real-time visibility of conversations – Track across entire network with metrics on top users, conversations and bandwidth users.
User Entity and Behavioral Analytics – Receive profiling based on usage patterns of IT assets and threats faced.
Multi-log analysis – Analyze for events and threats.
Asset inventory – View active and passive network assets and inventory.
Vulnerability Assessment – Scan users and assets to identify vulnerabilities.
Compliance Monitoring – Perform tests to verify conformance to PCI DSS, GDPR and other major standards.
Application performance and user experience monitoring – ensure business critical applications are functioning as per SLAs.
Software-based, supports on-premise and public cloud-based usage – flexible and scalable to accommodate growing business needs.

Xorus is a quality product from Veryx Technologies Inc.,

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